I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

What is KI O RAHI ?

What is KI O RAHI ?

KI O RAHI is game where you have two teams called the kioma and taniwha.
Normally kioma starts of with the ball the person who has the ball has to throw it to one of their team mates in the middle.( There are two people in the middle that protect the TUPU ) When it is thrown to the middle they need to throw it to  another person in their team then they try to hit the cones that are in the corners of the court (There a four cones). When they touch the cones they are aloud to run into the middle with out getting court then they need to touch the ground with the ball, So they can start the game again. Now I'm going to tell you about the taniwha. The taniwha have to try and ripe the rippers of the other team or get the ball off them. If they get the ball off the other team then they run into the circle and try to hit the TUPU. If the other team can reach the rippers on the people in the middle ( The taniwha) they then have 3 secs to pass to someone in there team, If they hit the TUPU they can hit it again bit if the people in the middle get it they can pass to anyone they wont to in their team. KI O RAHI has a history behind the game.

If you have any more questions please ask me and I'll write back.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Elizabeth's inquiry

This is the answer to Elizabeth's inquiry. Why do societies need laws and government.

Monday, 20 August 2012

White Winter Wellington

One very cold day in Wellington.

My friends Claire,Serena,Maddi and me where in pottery class we were making lots of wonderful
things. Like pot's,people and lot's of things that you come up in you're brain. Pottery was a lot of fun until the parent's came the fun was all over. It was Serena's mum's turn to pick us all up. When we where all in the car we drove off. We all talked in the car on the way  to my house,we put up the
heater in the car. Because it was felling a little bit colder now we were on the motorway, we were starting to get closer to my house I asked if Maddi and Claire wonted to come over and they said yes.
Jenny had turned up on my street. Jenny drove up the long hill to the very top and parked the car outside my house. We all hopped out of the car we said goodbye to  Jenny and Serena and  went into my house . We  played in my room for a while , Then we watched some, TV  after 15 minutes Maddi
had to go home. It was just Claire and me that's when my mum run into the room saying ,  That  it was snowing we all looked out the window I said that it was just raining hard. So Claire and I walked out into the street it didn't fell like rain any more because it got a lot harder, It was snowing we where so happy and excited. We started acting like we were snow princess we had such fun.  Claire's hand's were getting a bit cold so she went down to her house to get some gloves. Soon Pam came outside with her children  she saw me all covered in sparkly white snow. She couldn't believe her eyes she said that she had never seen snow in her life. Tracy Odell came out so did Maddi's family and so did Harrison's family.  Know body stayed in there house the hole of are street was out. My dad drove up the road with my brothers in the back seat they where so excited, dad had trouble driving through the snow. My dad jumped out of the car and made a snow ball he through it at Pam I made a snow ball and though it at Maddi. That's when I shouted out snowball fight everyone made a snowball and the game begin Girls vs Boys my friends shouted.


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mac Donalds

My Mum ended up taking me to Mac Donald's because I only get to go there for special treats and since I won the race I could go.

We drove into town, there were so many shops that I wanted to go to. That's when I spotted it. We parked the car and walked up the pathway, I opened the door and walked in. I could smell the salty chips and cheesy burgers. We walked up to the counter where a big queue was. Mum asked me what I wanted and I told her this; chips, lemonade and a mac.

A guy called us over to the other counter while Mum ordered I chose were we were going to sit I chose a spot right next to the play area.Mum came over with the food I licked my lips and watched the food getting closer to me when Mum put it down I picked up the Mac and tried to eat it all in one mouth full I ended up in trouble spilling it half way down my
new top.

After the Mac I had my Chips and Lemonade I then asked to go on the play ground she said yes but be careful you might vomit if you run around to much because you have just eaten.
I run in climbed up some steps and went tumbling down the slide with a big bang at the bottom
that's when I felt a bit sick.I went up the stairs and vomited all over the place my Mum was watching
me she ran in.....

Mark Todd's Interview

Here is a short interview with Mark Todd as Helen 
and Elizabeth as the interviewer. It will be about his life and some facts about him.