I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Stardust & Comet

I have got two new rabbit's their names are Stardust and Comet.
They are both brothers with different fur colour.
They are both babies and their age is 1 years old we bought them both this year.

                                    This is some of the food that they eat and drink.

1. Clovers   2. Grass   3.   4.Poo ha     5. Water     6. Pellets    7. Flowers   etc

                                   This is some of the food that is not good for rabbits

1.Carrots: It is important to not give your rabbits carrots every day because they can get really
sick or even die.

2.Lettuce: It is important to not give your rabbit lettuce every day
because they can get very bad dieorea and it can make them really sick.

3.Newspapers: Some people think it's a good idea to feed your rabbits newspapers.
Well that of course is a very bad idea because rabbits can choke on it and it's bad for there body.

Now that I've talked to you about food and a bit of my rabbits.I'm going to tell you about Stardust
and Comet.

Stardust: Stardust changes fur colour every month.
At the moment he has got white under his tummy black and white on his front and back feet like zebra legs.
He's got dark chocolate on back and a bit darker on his head.
And big black and brown eyes with a tiny white dot in the middle of them.
He's much smaller than Comet and Stardust eats more than Comet.

Comet: Comet is covered in white all over his body but hes got a bit of black on his nose and some light black on his feet.Hes got black eyes and a tiny white dot in the middle of his eye.Comet likes to have big cuddles he will sometimes fall a sleep on you.He likes running around and back flipping.

Stardust & Comet are both really friendly and they both  adore cuddles and if your lucky and you like
cuddles the rabbits could be sitting on you or cuddling you right now while you were reading  this.

By Elizabeth