I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My Rabbit has gone missing

Dear Diary,

On the 1st of May I woke up early like I do every day  I had my breakfast and went in the shower and then brushed my teeth then my door bell rang and my friends where at the door. That's when my brother 
ran into the house and shouted out THE RABBIT HAS GONE MISSING I was thought he was just joking about.

But when I got outside he was nowhere to be seen we looked everywhere but we just couldn't find him I felt so upset that I noticed  that  tears where  running down my face.That's when it started raining my dad told me to come in side but I refused to go in but by now I was really wet so I went in.

I was still really upset but it didn't stop me from going to school to learn.
so I rang Bear (That's what I call my friend Claire) and asked her if she could take me school like
she does every day.So I was packed up and ready to go down to her house when I was there
 I told her brother and Bear that Stardust has escaped and that hes goon missing they both
where a bit sad to here the news.

When we where  at school I my friends that he had escaped and they were a little upset.
(I don't really want to tell you every thing I did today because it will take to long
but my day was fun and a little bit sad but I was okay).

When I got home from school I went looking in are big bush but we couldn't find him.
So I was really annoyed about that but we left it a day and he is a rabbit so he could be any where now.
After dinner my Dad my two brothers and I went on a hunt to look for him but we couldn't find
him.When me and my two annoying brothers where in bed asleep my dad went on  another hunt.
But he didn't find him but its good that my dad tried again.

By Elizabeth Werner

Friday, 4 May 2012

Shaddow forest

Dear Dairy,

Yay today is my birthday and I'm really excited I have packed my bag ready to go on a
trip for a birthday treat.After half an hour we were in the car ready and packed up
on the way there  I kept on sing happy birthday to myself over and over again my brother
asked me if I could stop singing so I started humming it but he was still very anoying for him.

My Mum told us that  we were almost there I was getting really excited now
when I looked out of the window I saw sheep and cows I new strait away that we
were in the country side .That's when my Mum and Dad started shouting at each other say we missed it because you were changing the subject (My Dad said).I've got the map so I know were
 we are going but there aren't any signs around here(My Mum said).

When the parents were talking we could see a big truck with loads of logs staked on it
 when it came a little bit closer we both noticed that the logs were really lose.
We told are parents to stop the car but they kept on driving. The logs were almost falling out now and we
were going pretty fast STOP but it was to late the logs feel onto are Mum and Dad.
Are mouths feel open and tears started running fast down a cheeks.

I didn't understand it was my birthday and everything went quite my brother couldn't stand looking
at are parents under those logs so he got his phone out and called the police.After 10 min they were here we were in a helicopter heading to the closest hospital.That night we stayed in a special   room were a TV was I was still crying and my dairy was getting really hard to write on because I was cyring so hard right now the nurses are taking me and my brother to bed now so good night.