I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

My inquiry project was about trees I choosed it because I like them and I want to know somethings about them.

We e-mailed some people I thought might have the answer. We got a lot of ideas just from e-mailing people. We then used the ideas and made a project with the ideas.

The thing that I was most proud of the way my group finished the project in time.

Next time I would make the inquiry project a bit longer and not use word pad for writing on.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

How to survive in room 15

 56 15 town wotty
Somewhere in Wellington
That is in New Zealand
On planet earth

Dear year 6 students I am afraid you are not going to survive this year. You will only if you listen to my 6 awesome tips.

1. Always make friends on the first day make sure they are nice. Because if you don't who are you going to sit next too. Just saying don't sit next to the teacher she bits.

2. It is not a fashion parade girls it is a proper fashion parade. Do not come to school with no top of it doesn't  look pretty and that is not uniform.

3. Always get your work done at the end of the week Stephanie gets annoyed and I am sure you want to go to Friday fun.

4. When it comes to dodge ball do not hide behind someone because then everyone is going to try and hit you. Always try and get a ball and get the best players out.

5. Enter as many acadames  as you can so you get lots and lots and lots of merits.

6. And don't forget to have so much  FUN!!!!!!
 From E

Friday, 9 November 2012

I've got bunnies!

This Term I got two new baby bunnies.
And there names are Stardust and Comet their both brothers.
They are the size of my two hands there so little that they had to sleep in
my room.
But at night I couldn't help but to keep on picking the bunnies up.

The next day my dad and me were getting the rabbits cage ready for them to sleep in for bed time.
Then we went to the Warehouse to get some wire for the cage.
When we got home we started cutting the old wire off.After that was finished we had some lunch 
and I went to my friends house and played there for a while.
When I came back it was near dinner time my dad and I went outside to finish the cage.
We started nailing down the new wire to the cage while in my house my mum was making 
dinner and my brother were playing with the bunnies.
After a while my mum called everyone in for dinner we had noddles with some vegetables and sauce.
So after dinner we went back outside in pitch black but my dad got out a really big torch 
so we could see.
Now that every nail is in we got the bunnies out and welcomed them to there new home.

By Elizabeth

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Fun flying fox

I was scared about the flying fox so I felt small like a mouse.
But I still was brave and did it like a warrior.
When I went down it I was like I was speeding like a rocket.
I then went spinning into the teacher like a tornado at the end.
I got off the flying fox and was wobbly like jelly.

I had to wait for another tern it was so boring it was like watching paint dry.
After waiting for a pretty long time it was my go.
I went flying like the speed of light through the air and over the yucky river that was brown.

I hope you liked it.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


 I hope you enjoy this Limmerick short story

I have a rabbit named Holly,
Her nickname is Molly,
She is fun,
And she likes to run,
And sometimes when she hip hopes about I know it is folly. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Here is two pieces of my homework. I hope you like it.

Lets help the bush

One peaceful day. I was walking through the bush. I could her birds and see birds fly and jumping on brunches. I was having such a good time  until crunch. I looked down and saw a chippy rapper on the dirt. 

Protecting the bush is important because we breath air from it

Birds and animals live in the bush for shelter. That is their home it's like if we didn't have homes we would die easly. Same with the

The bush also feeds the animals that live there. Because some plants grow food on their branches.

                                                                                  Why we need to protect the bush?
                                                                                     1. Because birds live there.
                                                                                    2. Animals live there.
                                                                                    3. The trees help us breath.
                                                                                    4. It keeps the dirt stay in place.
                                                                                    5.It feeds lots of animals.

Here is picture of some



Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My Worm farm tis

Hi Stephanie,
This is my worm farm video I made it for my homework.
 I hope you like it.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Why is it important to feed our animals?

At my house we have 2 rabbits, 2 cats and 1 dog.
It hard work to feed our family and the pet's but we all have are role. My brothers feed the cat's I feed the rabbit's my mum feeds us and my dad feeds our dog.

All of the pet's have a room and shelter.
They all have a bowl of water and fresh food every day.

If my pets didn't have shelter food or water they would be died....we wouldn't want that, to happen. It's like losing one of you're family members. That's why it's really important to feed animals.

Key points 
1.Animals need food and water.
2.Animals need shelter.
3.Animals are like a member of the  family.

= Keeping animals going (alive).

Here is some pictures of some of my pets.

 By Elizabeth

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Tail Trail Wolf & Bear

That night Bores the Bear said to Steve the Wolf. "I will see you tomorrow who every wins get's to eat both of are food."
 ''You are going down like Donkey Kong,'' said Steve
I'll fry you like an egg, hey that's what I'm having for breakfast, Said Bores.
The next day the two of them were asleep they were so tired the had forgotten what had happened that night.

        The End

Monday, 3 September 2012

Question time

                                      '' Why do you have big ears ''?
                                      '' What I can't here you''.
                                        I said why do you have....
                                 '' Look you don't need to shout''.  
                         ''Now that you can hear me why do you                          have big ears''.
                            ''Sorry but I can't hear you''.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

What is KI O RAHI ?

What is KI O RAHI ?

KI O RAHI is game where you have two teams called the kioma and taniwha.
Normally kioma starts of with the ball the person who has the ball has to throw it to one of their team mates in the middle.( There are two people in the middle that protect the TUPU ) When it is thrown to the middle they need to throw it to  another person in their team then they try to hit the cones that are in the corners of the court (There a four cones). When they touch the cones they are aloud to run into the middle with out getting court then they need to touch the ground with the ball, So they can start the game again. Now I'm going to tell you about the taniwha. The taniwha have to try and ripe the rippers of the other team or get the ball off them. If they get the ball off the other team then they run into the circle and try to hit the TUPU. If the other team can reach the rippers on the people in the middle ( The taniwha) they then have 3 secs to pass to someone in there team, If they hit the TUPU they can hit it again bit if the people in the middle get it they can pass to anyone they wont to in their team. KI O RAHI has a history behind the game.

If you have any more questions please ask me and I'll write back.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Elizabeth's inquiry

This is the answer to Elizabeth's inquiry. Why do societies need laws and government.

Monday, 20 August 2012

White Winter Wellington

One very cold day in Wellington.

My friends Claire,Serena,Maddi and me where in pottery class we were making lots of wonderful
things. Like pot's,people and lot's of things that you come up in you're brain. Pottery was a lot of fun until the parent's came the fun was all over. It was Serena's mum's turn to pick us all up. When we where all in the car we drove off. We all talked in the car on the way  to my house,we put up the
heater in the car. Because it was felling a little bit colder now we were on the motorway, we were starting to get closer to my house I asked if Maddi and Claire wonted to come over and they said yes.
Jenny had turned up on my street. Jenny drove up the long hill to the very top and parked the car outside my house. We all hopped out of the car we said goodbye to  Jenny and Serena and  went into my house . We  played in my room for a while , Then we watched some, TV  after 15 minutes Maddi
had to go home. It was just Claire and me that's when my mum run into the room saying ,  That  it was snowing we all looked out the window I said that it was just raining hard. So Claire and I walked out into the street it didn't fell like rain any more because it got a lot harder, It was snowing we where so happy and excited. We started acting like we were snow princess we had such fun.  Claire's hand's were getting a bit cold so she went down to her house to get some gloves. Soon Pam came outside with her children  she saw me all covered in sparkly white snow. She couldn't believe her eyes she said that she had never seen snow in her life. Tracy Odell came out so did Maddi's family and so did Harrison's family.  Know body stayed in there house the hole of are street was out. My dad drove up the road with my brothers in the back seat they where so excited, dad had trouble driving through the snow. My dad jumped out of the car and made a snow ball he through it at Pam I made a snow ball and though it at Maddi. That's when I shouted out snowball fight everyone made a snowball and the game begin Girls vs Boys my friends shouted.


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mac Donalds

My Mum ended up taking me to Mac Donald's because I only get to go there for special treats and since I won the race I could go.

We drove into town, there were so many shops that I wanted to go to. That's when I spotted it. We parked the car and walked up the pathway, I opened the door and walked in. I could smell the salty chips and cheesy burgers. We walked up to the counter where a big queue was. Mum asked me what I wanted and I told her this; chips, lemonade and a mac.

A guy called us over to the other counter while Mum ordered I chose were we were going to sit I chose a spot right next to the play area.Mum came over with the food I licked my lips and watched the food getting closer to me when Mum put it down I picked up the Mac and tried to eat it all in one mouth full I ended up in trouble spilling it half way down my
new top.

After the Mac I had my Chips and Lemonade I then asked to go on the play ground she said yes but be careful you might vomit if you run around to much because you have just eaten.
I run in climbed up some steps and went tumbling down the slide with a big bang at the bottom
that's when I felt a bit sick.I went up the stairs and vomited all over the place my Mum was watching
me she ran in.....

Mark Todd's Interview

Here is a short interview with Mark Todd as Helen 
and Elizabeth as the interviewer. It will be about his life and some facts about him.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Stardust & Comet

I have got two new rabbit's their names are Stardust and Comet.
They are both brothers with different fur colour.
They are both babies and their age is 1 years old we bought them both this year.

                                    This is some of the food that they eat and drink.

1. Clovers   2. Grass   3.   4.Poo ha     5. Water     6. Pellets    7. Flowers   etc

                                   This is some of the food that is not good for rabbits

1.Carrots: It is important to not give your rabbits carrots every day because they can get really
sick or even die.

2.Lettuce: It is important to not give your rabbit lettuce every day
because they can get very bad dieorea and it can make them really sick.

3.Newspapers: Some people think it's a good idea to feed your rabbits newspapers.
Well that of course is a very bad idea because rabbits can choke on it and it's bad for there body.

Now that I've talked to you about food and a bit of my rabbits.I'm going to tell you about Stardust
and Comet.

Stardust: Stardust changes fur colour every month.
At the moment he has got white under his tummy black and white on his front and back feet like zebra legs.
He's got dark chocolate on back and a bit darker on his head.
And big black and brown eyes with a tiny white dot in the middle of them.
He's much smaller than Comet and Stardust eats more than Comet.

Comet: Comet is covered in white all over his body but hes got a bit of black on his nose and some light black on his feet.Hes got black eyes and a tiny white dot in the middle of his eye.Comet likes to have big cuddles he will sometimes fall a sleep on you.He likes running around and back flipping.

Stardust & Comet are both really friendly and they both  adore cuddles and if your lucky and you like
cuddles the rabbits could be sitting on you or cuddling you right now while you were reading  this.

By Elizabeth

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ready set go

Cross Country is today and I am really excited and it's raining that's good news because running in the rain is refreshing its.But first we need to find out if it's on today or not  so now  it's  my teachers role to read out the notices.And here it comes and it's not on what. Everyone  thought it was a bit silly that it isn't on but for some they are glad it's not on today but it will be on Friday.
Why do you think it wasn't on Wensday?

It's Friday and I go outside to see the weather and I can not belive it's sunny.
But when I got to school I started getting really excited that I was warming up the hole day for Cross Country.After morning tea my class and I went into the hall and the teachers tould as were to go
on the cours beacause the dell was cosed because it was to wet to run in.
So after all the teachers talked and the video was done the year 7s girls that's me went out to do the big
run I went to the front with other fast ranners and everyone alse went to there line
and the techer with the clappers was said on youre marts get set and     GO   and of I went I was in a normal pace but outher people went thoming

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My Rabbit has gone missing

Dear Diary,

On the 1st of May I woke up early like I do every day  I had my breakfast and went in the shower and then brushed my teeth then my door bell rang and my friends where at the door. That's when my brother 
ran into the house and shouted out THE RABBIT HAS GONE MISSING I was thought he was just joking about.

But when I got outside he was nowhere to be seen we looked everywhere but we just couldn't find him I felt so upset that I noticed  that  tears where  running down my face.That's when it started raining my dad told me to come in side but I refused to go in but by now I was really wet so I went in.

I was still really upset but it didn't stop me from going to school to learn.
so I rang Bear (That's what I call my friend Claire) and asked her if she could take me school like
she does every day.So I was packed up and ready to go down to her house when I was there
 I told her brother and Bear that Stardust has escaped and that hes goon missing they both
where a bit sad to here the news.

When we where  at school I my friends that he had escaped and they were a little upset.
(I don't really want to tell you every thing I did today because it will take to long
but my day was fun and a little bit sad but I was okay).

When I got home from school I went looking in are big bush but we couldn't find him.
So I was really annoyed about that but we left it a day and he is a rabbit so he could be any where now.
After dinner my Dad my two brothers and I went on a hunt to look for him but we couldn't find
him.When me and my two annoying brothers where in bed asleep my dad went on  another hunt.
But he didn't find him but its good that my dad tried again.

By Elizabeth Werner

Friday, 4 May 2012

Shaddow forest

Dear Dairy,

Yay today is my birthday and I'm really excited I have packed my bag ready to go on a
trip for a birthday treat.After half an hour we were in the car ready and packed up
on the way there  I kept on sing happy birthday to myself over and over again my brother
asked me if I could stop singing so I started humming it but he was still very anoying for him.

My Mum told us that  we were almost there I was getting really excited now
when I looked out of the window I saw sheep and cows I new strait away that we
were in the country side .That's when my Mum and Dad started shouting at each other say we missed it because you were changing the subject (My Dad said).I've got the map so I know were
 we are going but there aren't any signs around here(My Mum said).

When the parents were talking we could see a big truck with loads of logs staked on it
 when it came a little bit closer we both noticed that the logs were really lose.
We told are parents to stop the car but they kept on driving. The logs were almost falling out now and we
were going pretty fast STOP but it was to late the logs feel onto are Mum and Dad.
Are mouths feel open and tears started running fast down a cheeks.

I didn't understand it was my birthday and everything went quite my brother couldn't stand looking
at are parents under those logs so he got his phone out and called the police.After 10 min they were here we were in a helicopter heading to the closest hospital.That night we stayed in a special   room were a TV was I was still crying and my dairy was getting really hard to write on because I was cyring so hard right now the nurses are taking me and my brother to bed now so good night.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Ugly Shakespeare

On the 19th of March I woke up at 7:00 in the morning.Wow that's early/Not.

 I went to the kitchen and made honey on toast for breakfast.
That's what I have almost every day.

After I had my breakfast I went into the shower then I got dressed into my school uniform.

Next I brushed my dirty smelly teeth to beautiful shiny teeth and then I made my yummy lunch.

That's when I rang Bear (That's what I call my awesome  friend Claire).and I asked her if I could go with her to school.

And when I ring her she always says yes to go to school with her.

And when I got to her house we left straight away to school after her dad dropped us that's when we
walked to are class rooms I walked straight into class room because it was open.

I put my bag up and sat on the mat (Okay I'm not going to tell you all about my day because it will
take to long to time to do).

So it was lunch time and my friends and I saw Ugly sakes spear driving to the hall that's when I stared felling very excitedthat's when the bell rang.

I ran into class very excited and got ready for the show after 10 minutes the class all lined up to into the hall.

When we were in the hall there were BIG pictures on the stage I was starting to fell even more excited
but we still had to wait for the children and teachers to come in.

That's when the show began and the actors were dancing all over the stag it was really funny (Some of the show was really funny and some bits had a lot of talking in that was a bit boring).

But soon it came to the end and  I think the end was to much because it got a little bit  violent and I didn't want to look they where fighting about who was going to die first to me it was a bit to much
added to the show.

Did you enjoy the show and youre day?